Connecting Canada: Impacting Early Learning and Care Environments through Sustainable Leadership Development is a pan-Canadian project being implemented by GRIT that aims to support leaders within the early learning sector to address the urgent need for strengthening the workforce. Through this initiative, early childhood educators across Canada will get connected through the sharing of knowledge and practices to promote inclusion and the social and emotional well-being of children.

GRIT will partner with organizations in twelve provinces and territories and provide professional learning on the evidence-based Pyramid Model (Version Française) and Practice-Based Coaching frameworks. GRIT will provide walk-along support to organizations as they partner with early learning centres in their region and co-create high quality, inclusive environments that meet the diverse needs of all children.

For more information on how to get involved, contact Marilyn Armstrong, Connecting Canada Project Manager at


Connecting Canada Information Session

Frequently Asked Questions

  • What is Connecting Canada?

    Connecting Canada: Impacting Early Learning and Care Environments through Sustainable Leadership Development is an initiative Implemented by GRIT (Edmonton, Alberta) aimed to strengthen the Early Learning and Care workforce to create high-quality, inclusive programs that promote the social and emotional well-being of children. Through the provision of professional learning on selected evidence-informed frameworks, Organizations will adopt new ways of working to coach early childhood educators to build their knowledge, skills and confidence.

  • Who is being recruited as Organizations?

    Organizations that currently support Early Learning Centers in their communities who have a desire to engage in research to practice to learn new ways of working for greater outcomes for children. Organizations will commit to adopting the Pyramid Model and Practice-Based Coaching and engage in leadership development for sustainable change. Examples of organizations include non-profit or for-profit service providers, school jurisdictions, Head Start programs, Supported Child Development programs.

  • Who are the Early Learning Centres?

    Programs supporting diverse families including, Indigenous, newcomer, single parent, or at-risk families, etc. Examples may include: licenced preschools, Early Learning and Child Care programs, Early Intervention, and/ or Family Resource Centres. Services will be supported in Anglophone and Francophone communities.

  • How will Connecting Canada support the success of the project?

    Connecting Canada provides walk-along implementation support to Organizations as they participate in professional learning opportunities and coach educators to co-create high quality, inclusive environments. Implementation Support Leads will also help adapt learning materials to meet the needs of your community, as needed, and offer reflective practice sessions to deepen the learning overtime.

  • What is the benefit to our Organization?

    Your team will receive high quality, virtual professional learning on two evidence-informed frameworks: Pyramid Model and Practice-Based coaching, at no cost. To learn more please see our Professional Learning Overview. Teaching Pyramid Observation Tool (TPOT) reliability workshop for organizations is also included, at no cost. Professional learning will be offered throughout the project, as an optional refresher and for new staff.

    Organizations may access limited financial support to assist, if needed. Discussions about financial support will be addressed on an individual basis and decisions based on a set criterion of need.

  • What is my time commitment to Connecting Canada?

    To ensure this project is embedded into your current work, Connecting Canada is recruiting organizations already providing support to Early Learning Centres. In doing so, Organizations will learn to work differently by engaging in evidence-based practices, for greater outcomes for educators and children. Time commitment includes participation in professional learning and reflective practice opportunities which will vary from 2-5 hours per month. Coaching support to Early Learning Centres will include 2-3 visits per month. Organizations commit to participating in the project up to March 2025, to ensure the greatest outcomes for all.

  • What are your intended outcomes?

    Through collaborative partnerships, we aim to support Organizations to coach Early Learning Centres to implement Pyramid Model and inclusive practices program wide and to support leadership development needed to sustain change over time.

  • How can I get involved?

    Please contact Marilyn Armstrong, Connecting Canada Project Manager at if you are:

    • An organization that would like to partner with Connecting Canada
    • Willing to share your knowledge and feedback as an Advisory Committee member