Connecting Canada: Impacting Early Learning and Care Environments through Sustainable Leadership Development is an innovative pan-Canadian project that aims to support leaders within the early learning sector to address the urgent need for strengthening the workforce.

Through this initiative, early childhood educators across Canada will get connected through the sharing of knowledge and practices to promote inclusion and the social and emotional well-being of children.

GRIT will partner with organizations in twelve provinces and territories and provide professional learning on the evidence-based Pyramid Model and Practice-Based Coaching frameworks. In turn, each organization will partner with a minimum of five local early learning programs in their region. GRIT will provide walk-along implementation support to organizations as they coach local program educators and co-create high quality, inclusive environments that meet the diverse needs of all children. These collaborative partnerships will increase the skills, knowledge and confidence of educators to promote the social and emotional development of children, and will guide the development of the leadership team to create inclusive policy and sustainable change, beyond the three-year project.

For more information on how to get involved, contact Marilyn Armstrong, Connecting Canada Project Manager at


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