GRIT has been providing inclusive early childhood services since 1982. Funded by Alberta Education, through Program Unit Funding (PUF), young children with a developmental disability can access early childhood services to support their learning, participation and development for up to three years prior to grade one. Educational support occurs in the every day places where children play and grow (e.g. home, community, preschool, kindergarten etc.).

GRIT uses a Primary Service Provider (PSP) Approach to teaming with our families. The PSP Approach strongly aligns with GRIT’s value of being family-centered and helps us build strong relationships with families so we can be responsive to the individual priorities of families. See the key elements of our collaborative teaming approach. PSP Information Sheet

Interested in registering your child for early childhood services with GRIT? Applications can be submitted online, by email to, or by fax 780-455-1806.

Our Team

Our team works alongside families and community partners travelling to every day places where children learn and play, such as homes, community playschool, day care, and kindergarten etc.  With parents at the heart of our educational team, a Developmental Assistant (DA) who provides one-to-one support, a Certified Teacher, Speech-Language Pathologist, Occupational Therapist, Physical Therapist, and Family Support Social Worker work together to create positive learning experiences.

In addition, enhanced services may include behavioral supports, vision consultation, mental health supports and specialized services

What we do

Our work is grounded in core values of community inclusion, family centred practice, learning through play, and being a learning organization.

Building on current research and best professional practices, team members recognize each child’s strengths, interests and learning style to create learning experiences through play that nourish each child’s unique development.  A written plan  identifies learning goals that  guide the team’s coaching support to parents, all team members and community partners.  Teaching strategies are then embedded into the child’s everyday routines to support each child’s meaningful participation in family life, community and school.

Family 2 Family

The purpose of Family 2 Family is to provide emotional and practical support to one another. In creating a safe, welcoming environment to gather and share their stories, families reduce feelings of isolation, learn about resources, build  knowledge and confidence to support their child’s meaningful participation in all aspects of life.  In connecting with other parents who share the lived experience of raising a child with a disability, parents build friendships that often last a lifetime. Click here for more information.

For so long it has felt like we have been on our own. Always trying to implement strategies professionals have recommended. I often felt more like my son's therapist than his Mommy. Since GRIT has become apart of our home, I've been given back the ability to be his Mom. The only job requirements are to support his dreams and love him unconditionally.
Cayla Robinson (GRIT Parent)

Our Impact

As we adopt our core values, we make day to day decisions that guide the professional practices to inform our work.  As a result, our impacts are:

For Children:

  • Are active and valued participants in natural environments of home, community and school.
  • Children transition to inclusive education in their neighbourhood school.
  • Children form positive and lasting relationships with family and peers.

For Family:

  • Parents gain knowledge for supporting child’s development.
  • Parents make choices and informed decisions for their child and family.
  • Parents have skills and confidence to articulate a vision, advocate and positively influence their future.

For Community:

  • Community programs welcome all children.
  • All policies are welcoming inclusive, and reflective of diversity.
  • Parents are active leaders in local school districts and advocacy associations contributing insight and expertise.