Funded through Family Support for Children with Disabilities (FSCD), GRIT’s Specialized Services model builds on the foundation of our strong early childhood services and offers families more intensive ways of supporting their child’s growth and development. Families can access Specialized Services as young as two years of age, before their child starts Early Childhood Services, when they are enrolled in GRIT, and may include the transition in their grade one year.

One Child – One Team

Our family-centred approach responds to a family’s unique strengths, needs and changing priorities. Interventions are rooted in evidence-based practices, (e.g. autism) with a focus on enriching the skills and confidence of parents and/ or guardians to support their child’s independence in everyday routines and to achieve each family’s learning priorities.

Enhanced support includes more time with your professional team: Speech and Language, Occupational or Physical Therapy, Behaviour Consultant, Augmentative and Assistive Communication services, etc. Specialized Services programming occurs beyond the child’s educational program, at critical times when families most identify the need for help such as daily living activities requiring continual and ongoing assistance or supervision).

For Families

All parent involvement increases positive outcomes for both the child and family. Involvement can range from identifying priorities/ goals, being present during team member visits, to practicing new skills with your child in between visits.  

If you are interested, please connect with your GRIT Education Lead/ Teacher. If you are not currently enrolled in GRIT, please contact our office at 780.454.9910